Infants at Oaks Trail Academy enjoy a warm, caring and loving environment. Our teachers work closely with the parents to understand family preferences for their infant care and incorporate key home routines into our classroom. We keep our infant class small, as we believe that in a small class infants will thrive better due to the less stressful environment, which can be experienced in larger classroom settings. Our infant teachers are well trained and experienced in infant care, health and safety. The Oaks Trail infant teachers have an understanding of infant emotional, physical and social development and consistently offer activities that are geared towards each infant’s developmental stage. Infants are provided a stimulating environment with lots of interaction time in teacher’s laps, on the floor, playing with caregivers and toys, or outside enjoying age appropriate activities. We respond as quickly as possible to cries for assistance as well as smiles and laughter. The goal is to establish the loving, supportive, responsive relationships that all babies need for their intellectual, social, and physical development. Oaks Trail Academy strives to:
  • Provide a nurturing and secure environment.
  • Set safety and sanitary procedures as high priorities.
  • Provide an environment that foster and aid developmental growth during these crucial first years of life.


At Oaks Trail Academy your toddler will experience a comfortable homelike experience with small student to teacher ratios. Toddlers will enjoy developing gross and fine motor skills through specific planned activities. They also will begin to develop a love for reading and language through daily stories, songs, and finger plays. Oaks Trail Academy uses a nationally accredited curriculum called Frog Street. This curriculum is well rounded and is designed around the latest early brain research. It follows child expert Pam Schiller’s PhD, philosophy “What you teach birth to three will be what matters most to me.” It provides intentional, child centered activities applying the principal the children learn best through doing. This curriculum is designed to also:
  • Equip caregivers to foster essential growth.
  • Meet the needs of all learners.
  • Embrace the joy of learning each day!
At Oaks Trail Academy we also know children learn through play. Our rooms are designed with activity centers that promote imagination as well as creativity. This encourages their mental development and problem-solving skills. As well as developing their social skills as they interact with other children in the class. Oaks Trail Academy as a Christian Preschool also has weekly age appropriate Bible lessons with scripture memorization delivered in a fun and exciting format.

Preschool and Pre-K

Oaks Trail Academy is proud of the prestigious certification we have received from the Texas School Ready program! As a parent this gives you peace of mind that Oaks Trail Academy’s educational practices and environment are effectively preparing your child for Kindergarten. This program for pre K children was developed through research completed at the University of Texas. It is a comprehensive preschool program that combines a research-based curriculum with ongoing teacher professional development and progress monitoring tools. This certification is based on actual tracking the reading and social screener scores, as evaluated by Kindergarten teachers in the Garland ISD of children who previously attended our preschool program. Our classrooms are designed with centers that engage children and provide activities that promote imagination and creativity as we believe children learn through play. We provide a balance between those times of formal instruction and child exploration. In addition to your child’s increase of literacy, language, math and science skills, Bible studies using ABEKA curriculum are taught on a weekly basis. We believe Godly character development and values instilled at an early age are critical. All teachers at Oaks Trail strive to provide an environment where children can learn and play in an atmosphere of love and respect which model Godly character. Every child at Oaks Trail Academy is an individual, with different interests, skills, strengths, and needs. Our goal is to get to know as much as possible about each and every child so that we can guide learning and plan experiences that is tailored individually. To do this, Oaks Trail Academy uses an authentic ongoing, observation-based assessment system to gather information on each child’s development and learning. We employ a valid and reliable assessment tool called Teaching Strategies GOLD. The starting point for the assessment is 38 research-based objectives. We use the documentation collected to determine your child’s progress related to these objectives. Oaks Trail Academy also strives to:
  • Recognize the importance of the parents as the primary influence in every child’s development.
  • Establish a loving and secure environment.
  • Be supportive of families by promoting involvement and encouraging open communication which increases a child’s success.

School Age

Oaks Trail Academy’s “Beyond the Bell!” after-school program is a relaxed yet stimulating environment. Your child will finish their homework with supportive teachers who are available to answer questions and help them discover answers on their own. During regular school hours, your child may feel limited opportunities to create and explore. Providing children with an outlet to explore what interests them is extremely important to their development. Your child will also experience an assortment of afterschool activities that include reading, math and science to ensure that your child’s mind is engaged and help create a lifelong love of learning. In addition fun holiday activities are planned throughout the year. We provide after school transportation to Collins, Herfurth, Keeley, Pearson, Stephens and Steadham elementary schools. OTA understands the importance of a safe and secure environment where children feel comfortable to take appropriate risks. We take an Anti-Bully Pledge and review the expectations in the classroom. Through our Summer Camp Program Oaks Trail Academy ramps up the fun! It provides unique learning experiences, including special visitors, field trips and exciting projects, all while fostering growing friendships. Each week camp session includes many hands-on themed activities to keep your child engaged and enthusiastic about camp all summer long. OTA understands the importance of a safe and secure environment where children feel comfortable to take appropriate risks. We take an Anti-Bully Pledge and review the expectations in the classroom. As part of a well rounded program we believe instilling Biblical character values is essential! These positive ideals are woven throughout each child’s daily schedule. We believe this is done through intentional positive role modeling as well as cultivating God’s Word in your child. There is no greater responsibility then being instrumental in laying a strong Godly foundation to assist towards ensuring their future success. We believe your entire family will benefit from your child’s development here at Oaks Trail Academy. Come be a part of our family experience!